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About HISA & health informatics

About HISA

The vision of HISA is to improve the health of the community by educating the public and health practitioners about digital health and health informatics.

One of our key strategic pillars is to upskill all people working in healthcare on how information can be captured, used and shared to benefit patients, the healthcare system and the community as a whole.

Our range of accessible programs and services are available to any member of the public and HISA is a non-profit organisation.

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The challenge

Under the current healthcare system, information about patients is not recorded efficiently or effectively, clinicians can’t easily share information with each other and with patients and this has many adverse events (preventable medical error is the third leading cause of death). The majority of healthcare still runs on paper, which means that complex and critical information is being captured through manual processes which are not readily communicated or broadly accessible.

HISA’s purpose is to change that through a connected health system and a connected and digitally competent health workforce. There is growing acknowledgement that digital health is the key for realising high quality, safe and efficient care that delivers improved health outcomes. HISA operates to address the challenge of harnessing the digital revolution to put consumers (patients) first and support clinicians to deliver the best possible healthcare for the public benefit.

Who are our members?

We welcome anyone from the community to support our mission. HISA members are diverse and come from all fields of healthcare, business, consumer advocacy, government and academia. They could be clinicians, patients and consumers, or health informaticians, researchers, managers and executives, data analysts, designers, project managers, business analysts, technologists and innovators.

In addition, our special digital health interest areas include cybersecurity, clinical informatics, nursing informatics, health UX, digital hospitals and precision medicine. A dynamic calendar of public events includes educational speakers, networking and a major scientific conference.

Who can take part in HISA activities?

HISA wishes to impact the widest audience to improve healthcare for all and so aims to have as many people as possible (whether they are members or not) participate in its programs, to go back to their workplaces, to share what they have learned and to put those learnings into practice so as to improve health outcomes for the community.

While membership of HISA enables discounts on many activities, all our programs support our mission of public benefit. HISA’s sole purpose is to ensure healthcare is improved for all.

About health informatics

Health informatics is the science and practice around information in health that leads to informed and assisted health care. ‘Informed’ here means ‘that the right information about the subject (consumer, patient or population) together with relevant health knowledge, is available at the right time and in a form that allows it to be used. ‘Assisted’ here means ‘that the job of the health care worker is made safer and easier and that the health consumer is supported in their decisions and actions’.

HISA is the national affiliate of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) has merged with the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) to form the Australasian Institute of Digital Health on Monday 24 February 2020. This site will no longer be updated and will be preserved for archive. Visit us at the Institute! www.digitalhealth.org.au.