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Hugo Leroux

Fostering the dialogue between the research community, health informaticians and healthcare providers.

In his role as research scientist at the Australian eHealth Research centre, Hugo’s focus is on providing the necessary framework to assist the clinicians in providing the appropriate level of care to their patients by implementing health system infrastructure that facilitate the seamless flow and promote more effective integration of clinical data from disparate sources.

Hugo is proud to serve on the HISA QLD committee. During his three year tenure on the HISA QLD branch committee, he has drawn upon his passion for clinical system interoperability and data linkage to influence the debate on the correct approaches to transforming the delivery of healthcare and improving patients’ outcomes. Consequently, he was involved in organising the “Sharing Health-y data” symposium in March 2016 and the “Health Information Systems – Interoperability and Linkage” event in September 2016.

Hugo’s key motivation is to foster the dialogue between the research community, health informaticians and healthcare providers to drive innovation in healthcare delivery and in the management of clinical data to improve the patients’ healthcare journey.


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