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CPD points

For 21 years HISA has been offering high quality and innovative educational content to our members and the healthcare community. Attendance at a HISA event is a great way to contribute towards your continuing professional development. HISA conferences are also accredited by some activity providers.

HISA State and national events and premier conferences may count towards your accreditation. Check with your professional organisation to find out if the HISA state branch event or national conference you plan to attend could be counted towards your professional development. Most organisations will accredit attendance to a HISA event as 1 CPD point per hour attended but this must be self-recorded and reported to your professional organisation.

For certain accreditation bodies, HISA goes through an approval process in order to offer their members CPD points. We only do this for our national conferences. HISA is pleased to provide certificates of attendance for our State branch events.

Each of our conference websites has a CPD page that you can check to see which bodies have approved us for CPD points. If you have any questions please contact our head office on 03 9326 3311.


The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) has merged with the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) to form the Australasian Institute of Digital Health on Monday 24 February 2020. This site will no longer be updated and will be preserved for archive. Visit us at the Institute! www.digitalhealth.org.au.