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HISA Studio

Voices from the digital health community

We love talking to our members and stakeholders about digital health and health informatics. Your experiences and insights are invaluable and worth sharing. You may be a health leader, an expert in research, developing a brand, building a global network, implementing a new system, or describing something current in your health organisation – there are many compelling reasons to tell your story.

HISA Studio is proud to be the channel for forward thinkers.

Be heard and shared! @HIC 2019

Do you have a story to tell? Meet us at HIC 2018 in Melbourne 12-14 August and you could be selected for one of our fast interviews. Invest a few minutes of your time to go on record for digital health and share your experience. And if you have a moment to reminisce about HISA’s early days, we would especially like to hear from you at HIC.

You can contact HISA Studio for information and don’t forget to check back here for latest interview updates.

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Want to be interviewed?

HISA members are given the chance to speak their minds at HIC. Just let us know using the button below and we'll set up a time that fits you

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